My Approach

My Approach to Learning

“When one teaches, two learn" -Robert Half

My approach to teaching and learning golf is natural and intuitive, strongly adhering to the technical aspects, yet the approach is quite different and unique. This learning approach is more similar to how we learned to ride a bike or swimming. Rather than focusing on positions, utilizing motion as a vehicle in my exercises and drills promotes feel and intuition which leads the golfer to trust their instincts. More trust and awareness is evident as the student realizes the innate ability from within through this approach.

In essence, the student becomes the teacher and reaches a much higher level of awareness and confidence than might be produced by a more analytical approach. The learning process is more refreshing, more easily retained and allows the self-coaching aspect to blossom. This right-brained, more spatial approach, frees the student from judgment and allows them to let go of perfection and create their natural swing. The discovery of this intuition helps the student reach a level of performance and awareness unmatched by any other golf program. Finally, the students learn to trust their instincts and this discovery makes their potential boundless.

My approach was highly influenced by Bob Toski , who pioneered the use of feel and intuition in his competitive play and his teaching. Toski authored the books, “The Touch System to Better Golf”, “How to Become a Complete Golfer”, and “How To Feel A Real Golf Swing”.

I also espouse the natural learning process of Betty Edwards who authored the books, “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”, and “Creating the Artist Within”.