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Professional Golf Coach Kevin Battersby from protege of Legendary Bob Toski

If you are looking for Best Golf Academy in Florida, USA then meet with Legendary Golf Coach Kevin Battersby who is the protege of Bob Toski. This letter is written in reference to Kevin Battersby whom I have known for the past twenty five years. Since then he has become an outstanding instructor and a real fine player. A man of sound character and dedicated to golf and its principals.

It’s a pleasure to write this letter of reference for Kevin. I wish him all the best and if any other further information is needed regarding his talents, you may contact me at the number below.

Bob Toski

Gerry Pockat, Club Manager of Copper Mill Golf Club, Recommendation for Kevin Battersby

During my time as General Manager at Mission Country Club in Odessa, Texas, I had the pleasure of working with Kevin Battersby as an integral part of our management team. Kevin was our teaching professional, and brought so much more to the organization than what our very high expectations were for the position. Kevin had the vision, enthusiasm and professionalism that enabled him to deliver a program that was unparalleled in the marketplace. In his position, he not only developed quality teaching programs for the membership, but he also developed and managed the junior golf program for us. He was the reason our golf operation was at that time viewed as the best operation in that part of the country. Kevin always found a way to go the extra mile to make our program interesting, exciting, and unique. Whether it would be bringing in John Elliott JR. to be part of our own member golf camp, or bringing in Bib Toski to spend a day with the juniors and speak at our junior golf banquet – Kevin always delivered that extra touch and flare that made our golf program the talk of the area.

And Kevin’s contributions didn’t stop with golf. Kevin was a true team player for the Club and was always willing to go the extra mile for the organization. As with new development clubs, membership recruitment was always a major priority for our organization. One season, our Club’s very good Marketing Director resigned going into the peak of our season. Kevin volunteered to coordinate the marketing effort that year while still running his components of the golf program. During that time he led the management team in a very well coordinated marketing effort that greatly exceeded results from the prior years.

Part of my enjoyment in my career has been working with many quality managers throughout the years. None have surpassed Kevin in terms of performance, enthusiasm and results. Kevin has a true love for the game, along with a love of people that comes across in everything he does.

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Gerry Pockat
Club Manager

What are Kevin’s golf students are saying about him?

Throughout one’s career there are a few people who will influence you, inspire you, and help lead you on your future path. Often this happens without them even realizing what they have done for you. For me Kevin Battersby was one of those people in my life. As a junior golfer in West Texas, Kevin was my instructor, giving me insights to my swing that I still refer to today. He introduced me to a game that became a passion of mine and led to my eventual career in the golf industry. It was my time working for him at Mission Dorado Country Club in Odessa, Texas that was perhaps the most impressionable and memorable times that let me know that I had found my future. It was such a positive experience in my life that I will always cherish. We are in the entertainment business, creating experiences with the game of golf as our stage. No one has shown me how to do that better than Kevin Battersby.

Barry D. Bevers, CCM – General Manager
The Valley Club – Sun Valley, Idaho

What differentiates Kevin from other job applicants is his consistent personality and his unique ability to both play and communicate the game to others.

I’ve had the opportunity to watch Kevin mature and grow over the past few years. He has spent many hours observing me teach, and we have spent a lot of time on the golf course playing and talking golf. But, probably where I’ve gotten to know Kevin best is during the time he spent living at my home. During that time, I found Kevin to be dependable, honest, sincere, and helpful to others.

As you may or may not already know, Kevin and I are planning to conduct golf schools in the south Florida area. He is hired under my supervision as director of the schools.

Therefore, I would highly recommend that you consider Kevin for whatever position he applies because he is a hard working and conscientious young man.

Very truly yours,
John Elliott, Jr.

I met kevin in 1996, when my golf game was struggling!!  After playing well as a junior and then in college, I had somehow lost my game.  I had some instruction with Kevin and it almost instantly came back!!  The instruction is very easy to understand.  He teaches a way of being able to learn when things go wrong and why!  I credit Kevin for helping me understand my own game and enabling me to break 70 for the first time!!  Every time, my game goes bad, I can see Kevin and start getting the results I am looking for.  I would recomend Kevin to anyone that would like to improve.

Mark Peterson

Mizuno USA

Kevin Battersby has been my instructor for over 10 years in the best golf academy in Florida and due to his insight, knowledge and outstanding teaching abilities, I have been able to get my golf game back to where it once was as a college golfer.

With Kevin’s help, I have been able to lower my handicap to a 2 from a previous high of 10. Lowering my handicap by 8 shots has enabled me to get back to competing in highly competitive events such as the Florida State Amateur and the Florida State Mid-Amateur.

I have sent many students of all skill levels to work with Kevin, and all have had the same high regard as I have for him. Without question, Kevin’s teaching methods make golf more fun and enjoyable, and Kevin is certainly my first choice for my customers when it comes to improving their golf games…

John Maloney
Manager, Edwin Watts Golf
Casselberry, Florida

“Desde que conocí a Kevin hace 5 años mi juego de golf ha ido mejorando cada dañosa más. De 9 de handicap ahora estoy en 2 y se lo que tengo que hacer con mi swing. Hoy en día controlo la pelota y entiendo la mecánica del swing y de mis errores. Recomiendo a Kevin para jugadores de cualquier nivel y solo confío en el para mi swing” ”


Jonathan Elie
Caracas, Venezuela

I met Kevin Battersby in July, 1990 at one of his group golf lessons. I knew there was a lot wrong with my golf game but Kevin’s teachings emphasized what I was doing correctly instead of everything I did wrong. His approach to the game was different than any lesson I had ever taking before. It was clear to me at the time that with his help, I could really get to be a better golfer. I started as a 30 handicap. Through the use of Kevin’s training methods and golf practice routines, I brought my game down to a 7 handicap. In Canada, there are only three months a year in our golf season, yet I have maintained my 7 handicap by following Kevin’s advice and golf leaning system.

Chris Holden